Top 30 Educational Websites In India

There has been so many reforms happened in the field of Indian education system. Indian literacy rate has grown to 74.00% (2011 figure) from 12% at the end of British rule in 1947 which is a huge achievement, although we want it to be 100%. There are some states like Kerala which had 94% Literacy rate as per 2011 census. Students are now more proactive & understand the value of education in the life. Education should not only be provided with an intent of getting jobs in future, but to make them a good human with awareness of what happening around and enhancing the quality of life. Education gives sense of responsibility towards humanity, nation and making a better world.

In this Digital Era, it becomes necessary to students and their parents to keep them updated about the educational system, educational notifications, educational standards, choice of education, choice of subject and many such latest happenings around. So, here in this post we have tried to mention a list of some top educational websites in India which are really helpful.

List of Top 30 Educational Sites in India

  1. One of the top Education Portal In India that was launched in 2000 with an intent of providing online results of secondary & Sr. secondary school boards and university exam.
  2. Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) is India’s leading test-prep institute with a pan-India presence and is headquartered at Hyderabad. Established in 1992, T.I.M.E. conducts coaching classes for admission to MBA, MCA, Engineering & other courses.
  3. Here, you can read latest news, articles and discuss in forums regarding MBA, banking, Engineering and other educational areas.
  4. One of the largest community of GMAT & MBA that helps in your MBA journey.
  5. Entrance Exam guide for MBA, MCA, Engineering, Medical, NDA, IAS, SSB, Law & others.
  6. One of the biggest coaching expert on MBA, Banking, SSC, Civil Services, Gate, GRE, Gmat, Medical, Engineering and others.
  7. One of the best education websites in India that provides comprehensive information on education, colleges, exam announces and more.
  8. It provides test series, mock test, coaching & training for GATE exam for entering in prestigious educational institutions like IIT, IISs & NITs
  9. – It helps you in the preparation if civil services exams conducted by UPSC.
  10. It offers learning resources for selection in business school, MBA essays, GMAT, interviews and more.
  11. One of the biggest learning resource for GMAT & MBA preparation advice.
  12. It provides latest news, information, articles & discussion forums on schools and colleges.
  13. – It is an interactive e-learning platform for CBSE students and offers lessons, assignments, study notes in multimedia form.
  14. Site for MBA and BMS students where they can upload & download projects and study notes.
  15. The profile, associates, publications and contact details of IAS academy.
  16. Information, notifications, news, syllabus & results of various schools, colleges and universities of India.
  17. One of leading social networking site for Indian students.
  18. One of the largest community website for medical students.
  19. It offer model & solved papers for IIT-JEE, CBSE-PMT, IIT and AIIMS. Provision of online test is also there.
  20. Information resource for entrance exam and career guidance.
  21. It offers free practice set, information, study guide on GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, MCAT.
  22. It manages secondary schools across the country and contains vital information on every school.
  23. It offer free online guide to GRE test preparation for Indian students.
  24. It provides information, latest news, notifications and education material for UPSC and state PSC entrance exam.
  25. It provides information and news about education system in India and career opportunities after higher education courses.
  26. One of the leading institute for JEE Advanced, JEE Main, AIPMT, AIIMS, NTSE, Olympiad, etc.
  27. It provides news and information related to admissions, colleges, institutes, etc.
  28. It provides information on scholarships and fellowships available in India and abroad.
  29.  Is provides information on distance education and distance learning courses in India.
  30. It’s a govt. website that provides online results announcements for a number of university.

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