Top 30 Expense Management Tools

Expense Management Tools/Software are now common things in any organization as they are very helpful in processing, paying and auditing employee expenses. Expense Management Tools simplifies the process of business expenses as the administrator can have full visibility of employees’ expenses, and they can track, control, report, review, process and manage the expenses in the easiest and hassle-free way. Moreover, these tools are paperless and completely digital, hence becomes easy to manage at both employer & employee end. There are numbers of tools available, and here in this post we are listing some of them.

List of top 30 Expense Management Tools/Software

  1. Zoho Expense:- One of the easiest and effortless tool to work with.


2. Expensify:- One of the best tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel.


3. HR-One:- The expense module in HR-One lets you manage all your expenses in a simple, integrated way. You can define all Expense Policies and the types of Expenses that can be claimed by different employee groups, roles, or locations


4. Fyle:- Fyle is an expense management software and app – Intelligent receipt tracking, one-click expense reports, mileage tracking.


5. SlickPie:- SlickPie is free accounting software for small businesses. Send online invoices, track expenses, do bank reconciliation, bookkeeping & more.


6. ExpenseBot:- ExpenseBot makes your company’s expense reporting easier every step of the way.


7. Captio:- It is one of the leading platform for managing travel expenses. Captio enables companies and their employees an improved control of their expenses and the discovery of new savings opportunities. Captio integrates the expense management process into a single, paperless workflow, eliminating the need for manual tasks and preventing fraud.


8. Keepek:- With Keepek filling out your next expense report will be easy. Use our mobile app to record mileage and receipts in just a few clicks and get reimbursed quickly.


9. Expenzing:- Efficiently manage Business Travel, Employee Expenses and Vendor Spend with Expenzing cloud enabled software/tool.



10. Expensewire:- Expense reporting with ExpenseWire allows you to control expenses. Is is fast, easy and accurate.


11. SpringAhead:- SpringAhead features online expense entry and approval, project billing support, robust reporting.


12. TimeSheet:- One of the best tool for tracking project and hourly employee time card records. Also records other time sheet data for billing or payroll.


13. Blubil:- Online expense management system of income and expense. Especially for small and medium businesses.


14. Happay:- Make employee expense management cashless and paperless. Empower employees to spend digitally while staying in control. Track all employee spending in one place and sync data easily with your accounting software.


15. Dash:- The dash expense management solution lets managers control spending, and teams stay funded and mobile.


16. Udio:- One of the best payment solutions for individuals, corporates and merchants, leveraging cutting edge technology for a seamless, secure and swift payment.


17. Zeta:- Zeta Optima is changing how corporates manage employee meal e vouchers and other digital tax saving benefits.


18. Way2go:- Wipro’s Way2Go simplifies the corporate travel experience with an easy to use cloud hosting platform and advanced analytics & insights that helps enterprise  take informed decisions.


19. Zento:-It is a cloud-based employee travel and expense management system that replaces analog, outdated methods of settling employee expense claims.


20. Workday:- It offers a highly effective ERP alternative for HR and financial management to businesses. It provides real-time visibility into data.


21. Clarcity Travel & Expense:- Clarcity’s cloud based solution helps companies of all sizes gain control of their travel spending and expense reporting.



22. ExpenseAnywhere:- Expense anywhere is the leader in travel, expense and invoice management solutions helping small, medium and large businesses.


23. RitExpense:- Eliminate paper and XL based expense claim reporting with RitExpense.


24. Business Hound:- Business Hound is the small business owner’s best friend. It takes the pain out of sending professional invoices and tracking payments.



25. Infor Expense Management:- Infor Expense Management software is the most flexible and configurable solution for travel & entertainment, payment request, employee time capture & more.

26. Certify:- Certify is the leading cloud-based travel and expense report management solution for companies of all sizes.


27. Xpenditure:- It automate and streamline the business expense management process. Empower employees with an easy web and mobile solution.


28. Mynd Solutions:- Travel and Expense Management from Mynd Solutions offers a web-based solution on the cloud and provides a “True SaaS” based online portal for HR Self Service (HRSS) and Employee Self Service (ESS).


29. SutiT&E:- SutiSoft’s integrated online travel and expense management solution automates the entire process of travel booking to expense reimbursement.


30. Coupa:– One of of the fast growing expense management software for modern enterprise.

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