Top 30 Hollywood Thriller Movies

Watching thriller movies is always a fun and especially, when they are made by Hollywood. There are number of thriller movies which give you goose bumps and bring you out of your comfort zone of visualizing things and you start believing the possibilities of happening things around you. If you are a thrill lover person, make sure you don’t have left any movie from the list provided below.

List of top 30 Hollywood thriller movies

  1. Se7en  (1995) (IMDb- 8.6/10) : – A serial killer begins murdering people according to the seven deadly sins. Two detectives, one new to the city and the other about to retire, are tasked with apprehending the criminal.

2. The silence of lambs (1991) (IMDb- 8.6/10) : – Clarice Starling, an FBI agent, seeks help from Hannibal Lecter, a psychopathic serial killer and former psychiatrist, in order to apprehend another serial killer who has been claiming female victims.

3. The Prestige (2006) (IMDb- 8.5/10) : – Two friends and fellow magicians become bitter enemies after a sudden tragedy. As they devote themselves to this rivalry, they make sacrifices that bring them fame but with terrible consequences

4. Memento (2000) (IMDb- 8.6/10) : – A man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.

5. Identity (2003) (IMDb- 7.3/10): – Stranded at a desolate motel during a nasty rainstorm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realise that they’re being killed off one by one.

6. Shutter Island (2010) (IMDb- 8.1/10) :- Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, two US marshals, are sent to an asylum on a remote island in order to investigate the disappearance of a patient, but Teddy uncovers a shocking truth about the place.

7. Psycho (1960) (IMDb- 8.5/10) :-  After stealing money, Marion spends the night at Bates Motel, owned by Norman who has severe issues with his mother. Soon, her lover and sister visit the motel as they hear news of her disappearance.

8. The Usual Suspects (1995) (IMDb- 8.6/10) : – Five criminals meet during a routine police line-up. Upon their release, they plan to pull off a dangerous heist involving precious emeralds worth three million dollars.

9. Mulholland Drive (2001) (IMDb- 8/10) : – A dark-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) is left amnesiac after a car crash. She wanders the streets of Los Angeles in a daze before taking refuge in an apartment. There she is discovered by Betty (Naomi Watts), a wholesome Midwestern blonde who has come to the City of Angels seeking fame as an actress. Together, the two attempt to solve the mystery of Rita’s true identity. The story is set in a dream-like Los Angeles, spoilt neither by traffic jams nor smog.

10. No Country for Old Men (2007) (IMDb- 8.1/10) : – A hunter’s life takes a drastic turn when he discovers two million dollars while strolling through the aftermath of a drug deal. He is then pursued by a psychopathic killer who wants the money.

11. Inception (2010) (IMDb- 8.8/10) : – Cobb steals information from his targets by entering their dreams. He is wanted for his alleged role in his wife’s murder and his only chance at redemption is to perform the impossible, an inception.

12. The Butterfly Effect (2004) (IMDb- 7.7/10): – Evan gets severe headaches that cause him to suffer black outs. While unconscious, he is able to travel back in time and alter the past. But this causes drastic changes in his present life

13. The Sixth Sense (1999) (IMDb- 8.1/10) :- Malcolm Crowe, child psychologist, starts treating a young boy who acts as a medium of communication between Crowe and a slew of unhappy spirits.

14. Rear Window (1954) (IMDb- 8.5/10): – Professional photographer Jeff is stuck in his apartment, recuperating from a broken leg. Out of boredom, he begins to spy on his neighbors and comes across a shocking revelation.

15. 12 Monkeys (1995) (IMDb- 8/10) : – James Cole, a convict, decides to volunteer for a mission, wherein he has to travel back in time to learn about the main reason behind the outbreak of a virulent holocaust.

16. The Game (1997) (IMDb- 7.8/10) :- A banker receives a strange birthday gift from his brother. When he actually utilizes the gift, he falls in trouble.

17. Taken (2008) (IMDb- 7.8/10) : – An ex-Secret Service agent’s teenage daughter is abducted by human traffickers while on a trip to Paris. With almost no information on her whereabouts, he travels to Paris to find and save her.

18. Unbreakable (2000) (IMDb- 7.2/10) : – David, a security guard, survives a fatal train accident, only to be tracked down by a man named Elijah Price, who claims that David is blessed with superhuman abilities.

19. Fight Club (1999) (IMDb- 8.8/10) : – Discontented with his capitalistic lifestyle, a white-collared insomniac forms an underground fight club with Tyler, a careless soap salesman. The project soon spirals down into something sinister.

20. Zodiac (2007) (IMDb- 7.7/10) :- Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist by profession, finds himself obsessively thinking about the zodiac killer. He uses his puzzle-solving abilities to get closer to revealing the identity of the killer.

21. Vertigo (1958) (IMDb- 8.4/10) :- Detective Scottie who suffers from acrophobia is hired to investigate the strange activities of an old friend’s wife. She commits suicide while Scottie becomes dangerously obsessed with her.

22. North by Northwest (1959) (IMDb- 8.4/10) : – An ad-man becomes involved in a bewildering cross-country chase involving enemy spies, the police and a beautiful woman.

23. Mystic River (2003) (IMDb- 8/10) : – Childhood friends Jimmy, Sean and Dave reunite after 25 years following the death of Jimmy’s daughter. Sean, a police detective, reawakens the tragedy of the buried trauma of a long-ago crime.

24. L.A. Confidential (1997) (IMDb- 8.6/10) :- Three cops with different agendas investigate a murder case with links to corruption in the police force.

25. Chinatown (1974) (IMDb- 8.2/10): – Detective Jake who specializes in matrimonial cases is hired by Mrs. Mulwray to spy on her husband, the builder of the city’s water system. He finds himself in a web of deceit when Mr. Mulwray dies.

26. The Mothman Prophecies (2002) (IMDb- 6.5/10) : – John discovers a sketch pad among his wife’s last possessions. Now he is driven to uncover the mystery behind his wife’s death and its connection to strange things happening in a town 400 miles away.

27. Basic Instinct (1992) (IMDb- 6.9/10): – Detective Nick is tasked with investigating the murder of Johnny Boz. He suspects Johnny’s girlfriend Catherine to be responsible for the act, but things take a turn when he falls in love with her.

28. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) (IMDb- 7.8/10) : – A journalist takes help from a computer hacker to investigate the disappearance of a woman who has been untraceable for forty years.

29. The Dark Knight (2008) (IMDb- 9/10) :- After Gordon, Dent and Batman begin an assault on Gotham’s organised crime, the mobs hire the Joker, a psychopathic criminal mastermind, who wants to bring all the heroes down to his level.

30. Under Suspicion (2000) (IMDb- 6.5/10) :- The cops question Henry Hearst, a rich tax attorney, over the murders of two girls and let him free over a paucity of conclusive proof. But his wife gives the police a conflicting version.



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